After Stream Live launched in 1997, its primary business objectives were to deliver quality psychic advice to customers through Premium Rate telephony, and this broad ethos remains relatively unchanged today.

As available technologies improved, so did our product offering with the launch of the first website delivering real time Reader availability and personal information.The product was further enhanced in 2001 with the launch of our service allowing payment through Credit and Debit cards which became fully automated over the following years.

In 2008 Stream Live was acquired by the adviqo Group, Europe’s largest provider of telephony based esoteric advice services.The acquisition by adviqo brought with it a step change in the online delivery of our services with the launch later that year of a fully automated website which included Click to Call functionality and automated credit card processing.

Fully automated Chat, Mobile website and SmartPhone App technologies delivered by Stream Live continue to lead the industry into the next generation of product offering, equipping our global customer base with the tools they need.