Behind The Scenes

Availability and quality of readings is paramount to the satisfaction of our clients and performance of our business. Stream Live has the largest and most established psychic team in the industry which allows us to deliver our services to the market through our brand TheCircle with many of our team having worked for us since our founding in 1997. We conduct strict evaluation and testing policies before we invite any psychic to work on our services, using validatory readings as just part of the process.

Our psychics are monitored 24/7 by our quality control team and supported by mystery shoppers for additional feedback, are required to work within a strict Code of Conduct which encompasses regulatory requirements through to sensitive reading practices.

TheCircle Readers are committed to providing encouragement, uplifting support and a sense of focus to users of the Stream Live services. Our psychic Readers reflect both the professional and spiritual integrity of our services and are required to reflect this in the service they convey to their callers. This demands an approach that is authentic, honest and non-judgemental. A reading from TheCircle is to be experienced as caring and life-enhancing.

A large pool of tested and continually quality controlled psychics

ensures availability

enables customer choice

results in better business performance

24/7 operation

always there for our customers

support for the whole world

Permanent quality control team

ensures highest reading standards for caller satisfaction